Offer an innovative digital journey with interactivity and an immersive experience

Your brand or dealership website is the key to generating leads for your car business. By offering 3-dimensional photos, you can make each vehicle interactive and enable your visitors to see themselves in the act of buying.

Showcase your vehicles without limits on your website

Imagine your web users being able to discover your vehicles online with the same freedom as if the vehicle was physically in front of them… Imagine no more and offer them this possibility on your website right now! With Maindset XR, create an innovative and immersive discovery experience to make your car ads memorable.

Mode plateau pour visionner un véhicule d'occasion en 3 dimensions avec Maindset XR

Orbit mode

Admire the vehicle in 3 dimensions by turning around it. Zoom in and move it horizontally and vertically to view it from the angle you want.

Mode piéton pour visionner un véhicule d'occasion en 3 dimensions avec Maindset XR

Walking mode

Move around the showroom as if you were actually standing next to the vehicle. Stand or crouch down to discover each element of the car.

Cinematic mode

Watch a sublime, dynamically generated cinematic for your vehicle. Sit back and enjoy it. What better way to make you want to buy?

Increase the number of inbound leads and your vehicle sales

By presenting your vehicles in 3 dimensions on your website, you can multiply the impact of your ads and make them much more attractive:


of Internet users expect more interactivity in car ads.


on your inbound leads when you add 3-dimensional visualization to your vehicle ads.


of Internet users prefer to see a vehicle in 3 dimensions rather than view one or more videos.


of Internet users remember the vehicles they have consulted better if they are presented in 3 dimensions.

How does phygital photo for your vehicles work?

Use our mobile application to scan your vehicles and our solution will take care of the rest. The process is ultra simple. Once your vehicle has been processed, we make it visible in 3 dimensions on your website.

Transform your vehicles...

Use our application to scan your vehicle. interactive ads

Display a new-generation vehicle ad on your website.

Ready to offer an interactive and immersive online shopping experience?

Offer a new-generation shopping experience with unprecedented interactivity that will leave a lasting impression on your visitors, increasing the number of incoming leads and boosting your sales.

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