Capture your used vehicles with just one application

Our all-in-one capture solution integrated into the Maindset XR application allows you to scan your vehicles, photograph them and generate all the resources you need for your car ads.

It only takes a few minutes per vehicle.

Connected to your stock, simple and fast

Our Maindset XR application allows you to create new generation vehicle ads in 3D photos, but also to generate 2D photos for your infomediaries. Our capture process is ultra-simple and connected to your DMS to make your daily life easier.

Scan the vehicle's exterior in less than 5 minutes for a 3 dimensional view

Our system guides you to capture the exterior of your vehicle to generate your 3D photo. Walk around the vehicle… nothing could be simpler!

Photograph the vehicle for 2D visuals

Similar to what you already do, use our app to photograph the interior and exterior of your vehicle.

We process your recordings

Our tools crop and transform your elements into 3D photos and 2D photos. We then add your branding, environment and offers to create a complete vehicle ad.

Your new generation car ad is ready

Your ad is available on your site and your infomediaries. Your vehicle is trimmed with a virtual plate, placed in a customizable environment (if you want) to maximize perceived quality and increase the number of prospects interested in your ad.

Véhicule avant détourage Véhicule après détourage

When everything is ready, admire the result

You are looking at your vehicle presented in 3 dimensions, with its scratches, its defects, its impacts. No, this is not a virtual 3D model that you are discovering.

You can choose to show the vehicle in its real environment or in a virtual environment.

Do you want to offer a new and interactive experience for discovering your vehicles? Contact our team for a demonstration.

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