The best customer experience to discover a two-wheeler online

With a virtual tour, your visitors can discover your motorcycles and scooters as if they were virtually at the point of sale. It’s a powerful selling tool, whether online or offline.

How does a virtual tour for motorcycles and scooters work?

Our all-in-one capture solution, integrated into the Maindset XR application, lets you scan your motorcycles and scooters, whether new or used, and take photos at the same time. It takes just 2 minutes to complete a capture of the vehicle’s exterior.

1 - Scan the vehicle's exterior

Drive around the vehicle three times… it couldn’t be easier! Meanwhile, we capture every detail of your two-wheeler and take the photos.

2 - Photograph micro-defects

In the same way as you already do, use our app to photograph any external micro-defects on your motorcycle or scooter.

Interface photo détail deux-roues Maindset XR

3 - Our algorithms take action

Our tools transform your elements into a virtual tour for your two-wheeler. At the same time, your photos are generated. A few minutes later, your application notifies you that everything is ready!

Virtual tour, a real way to discover your two-wheelers

Your visitors will finally be able to discover your motorcycles and scooters as if they were virtually in the dealership, in total autonomy, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Our different viewing modes let you admire them without limits. Thanks to them, you’ll be able to offer an innovative and immersive online buying experience.

Orbit mode

Admire the motorcycle or scooter as you turn around it. Zoom in and move it horizontally and vertically to view it from every angle.

Walking mode

Move as if you were virtually next to the two-wheeler. Stand or crouch to discover every element of the motorcycle or scooter.

Interactive visualization is accessible to all devices

To access the virtual tour, there’s no need to install an application – it’s accessible via a simple web browser.

Your prospects can view and interact with your vehicles from any device. With a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Mode responsive Maindset XR deux-roues

Overview of upcoming features

We’re constantly developing new features, making our solution even better. Here’s an overview of upcoming features:

Point of interest

Show the imperfections or perfect condition of your two-wheelers. With this feature, you can achieve maximum transparency for your prospects.

Virtual plate hider

Our A.I. dynamically hides the license plate of your motorcycles and scooters and replaces it with your logo.

Virtual environment

Do you have constraints related to the environment of your vehicles? Our algorithms take your two-wheelers and place them in 100% customizable virtual environments.

Easily integrate our solution into your everyday work

Simple deployment, connected to your tools

Our solution is deployed in 3 stages.

First, we connect your Maindset account to your DMS.

Next, you implement our viewer on your website, which is quick and easy thanks to our script that requires only 2 parameters to configure before it’s operational.

Finally, you’re ready to download our application so you can start scanning your vehicle inventory.

Intégration simple et rapide de Maindset XR sur votre site internet

Ready to boost your sales?

Offer your visitors an immersive digital experience. Make your vehicles memorable and boost the number of inbound leads.

Do you have a question?

We respond to your requests.

Is it really my vehicle that's being shown to my visitors?

Yes, we make your vehicle interactive from the scan you’ve made with the Maindset XR application or via our API connected to your photo feed. In this way, you can present the vehicles you have in stock, in their current state, interactive and in 3 dimensions!

What do you mean by a two-wheel virtual tour?

With our solution, your visitors can discover your vehicles and interact with them, turning them around, looking up, down, zooming in, walking alongside… Truly see them from every angle, which is impossible with other solutions.

Will Maindset XR also work for motorbikes, SUVs, vans or even larger vehicles?

Yes, our solution works with all types of vehicle, including motorbikes and scooters… Even bicycles.

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