With our Maindset XR API, integrate our solutions directly into your business tools

Would you like to integrate our automotive virtual tour solution seamlessly into your applications and technical environments? Would you like to create your own services? Use the power of our API to bring your projects to life.

API Maindset XR pour implémenter notre solution dans vos outils

On-demand API and cloud infrastructure

Build your own service, 100% customized

With our Maindset XR API, you can create your own automotive virtual tour solutions, or integrate them into your existing customer journeys to extend their possibilities. Benefit from a host of advantages:

– Seamless integration into your technical environment.
– A customized customer journey.
– Design 100% in line with your brand identity.
– Adaptation of virtual tour quality to your needs.
– Powerful, on-demand cloud infrastructure.

Configure your service in every detail

Use our different parameters to configure your services according to your customers’ expectations. This gives you a wide range of settings for implementing your specifications.

Modèle de rendu Maindset XR API

Processing model

Adapt the rendering of your vehicles to your needs. We offer a range of algorithm models to process your vehicles.


You can select different types of resolution to present a varying level of detail according to your needs.

Résolution d'image de l'API Maindset
Compression de fichier via l'API Maindset XR


Choose from our compression options to adapt the file size for your virtual tour service. This allows you to place the cursor where you want it, between download speed and visual quality.

Billing based on consumption

Use our API and pay according to your level of consumption. Whether it’s for processing your vehicles or for our web viewer, you stay in control of your budget.

Billing with our API is simple and flexible.

Ready to develop your own services?

Bring your projects to life while relying on our on-demand technology platform.

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