Create quality content to advertise your vehicles

Creating content for your vehicles can be energy-consuming, time-consuming and costly. With Maindset XR, give your marketing team the tool they need to communicate effectively about your vehicles in stock.

Photos or videos, generate your own key content

With Maindset XR Studio included in your Maindset XR solution, you benefit from a tool that will enable you to remedy the lack of content for vehicles. Photos, videos, you will finally be able to create visual elements that will have a decisive impact on your communications.

Create unique photos

In addition to your ad photos, create specific photos for your communication.

Génération de photos pour communiquer avec Maindset XR

Generate high-impact videos

Create videos that will increase the desire to discover your vehicle and distribute them across all your media.

No need to photograph the vehicle every time you want to create new content

Scan the vehicle once and our solution will enable you to create the visual photos and videos you need to communicate on your various media.

Use your visuals to capture leads

Whether on social networks or other media, use your visuals to create a unique communication that will attract your targets and encourage them to request information about your vehicles.

Créez des contenus pour les réseaux sociaux avec Maindset XR Studio

Social networks

Use the visuals to feed your social networks and engage your communities around your available vehicles.

Visuels pour publicité digitale avec Maindset XR

Digital advertising

Attract a large number of leads and provide your sales team with the resources they need to sell more and more vehicles from stock.

Emailing and MMS

Present your ready-to-go vehicles to your customers and prospects. This will help you close sales even faster.

Boost the performance of your digital campaigns

By presenting your vehicles in 3 dimensions and using videos created with our solution, you increase the click-through rate on your ads and make your stock models much more desirable.


increase Internet users' interest in your vehicles and generate more results with the same advertising budget.


of socionauts expect new experiences on social networks and on the web in general.

Ready to create original content around your vehicles?

Create impactful visuals and engaging videos with Maindset XR Studio. With our solution, generate better results with your digital advertising devices.

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