Create photos and videos of your vehicles with your 3D studio

Manufacturers, dealers, distributors, thanks to Maindset XR Studio, creating visual content for your various media has never been easier. Scan the vehicle once and then generate a multitude of photos and videos.

Free up your communication on your vehicles

Available on smartphone and computer, Maindset XR Studio lets you create key content to communicate about your vehicles. Photos, videos… Highlight your stock on social networks or in your digital campaigns with original visual elements.

Create unique photos

In addition to your ad photos, create specific photos for your communication.

Créez des photos incroyables pour votre communication avec Maindset XR

Generate high-impact videos

Create videos that will increase the desire to discover your vehicle and broadcast them on all your media.

Broadcast your offers on your website and your infomediaries

Highlighting a commercial offer on one or more of your vehicles is one of your best assets for increasing the number of incoming contacts from your site and your infomediaries. Thanks to Maindset XR Studio, this is finally possible!

advertise your offers on your website and your intermediaries

Choose the visual identity for your ads and content


Display your logo on your 3D photos and in all your 2D content (photos and videos).

Intégrez votre logo dans votre environnement de présentation de véhicule d'occasion

Plate cover

Insert your brand or label logo on the plate covers on your vehicles.

Cache plaque virtuel personnalisable et automatique

Brand environment

Whether you’re a manufacturer or a distribution group, we can create a customised brand environment for your cars.

Environnements de marque personnalisable pour les constructeurs et concessionnaires

Photo tour

Define all the 2D photos you need for the interior and exterior of your cars to include in your advertisements.

Customisable photo tour for your brand or dealership

Maindset XR Studio, the perfect tool for your marketing department

Give your marketing team the tool they need to communicate about your vehicles. The key is to capture more leads and increase your sales.

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